Thursday, July 26, 2012

course incroyable

Paris édition

Smith said find them all. 
It was a work-out but I'll
always remember.

Tasked with the job of completing an unforgiving scavenger hunt, we ambitiously set out to differentiate our photography from the other teams. Thus was born Hipster Haiku - Paris édition. Tragically, the haikus I wrote on the metro were not posted with the pictures that Katie and Lauren took, so I am taking the opportunity to post them now.

Fanny Packs
That is so retro. 
Normally I would say yes, 
But that is heinous. 

American Cars in Paris
A sea of smart cars. 
No hummers for Parisians. 
Says you have small feet. 

Public Displays of Affection
Yes I grabbed your butt.  
I am Bonnie to your Clyde. 
Go ahead and judge. 

Translation Fails
I don't understand
"Tonight I made a party."
French boys talk pretty. 

Labels aren't Vintage
Consumer culture. 
Pretentious with her fendi. 
My Ray Bans don't count. 

At the market
No corn syrup please
I only eat organic
And drink tall Starbucks. 

3 euro Vintage
Spent almost nothing. 
Parisians dress "up-tight" chic
Look like I don't care. 


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