Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Je suis les cours d'eau

 The river fuels life into the city. 
Purposely built on the river in order to utilize the Seine for commerce, Paris incorporated the river as an alternative to roadside transportation as well. The Seine still remains an important commercial waterway to the city today. A walk along the river's edge will reveal the work of Parisian men loading and unloading goods to float down the river. Recreational boaters dine on deck at port, and when the sun goes down, the streets along the Seine flood the night with Parisian youths.

The river is theirs. 

Most days I walk along the river Seine. Kiosks with artists' work flank its sides. Bicyclists mosey along the banks edge, and children dangle their feet above the water. After a tired night of walking along the river Seine, I lay in bed listening to the chanting of this song at a birthday party in the apartment complex across from my hotel. I thought it was perfectly relevant to this post of mine.

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